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  Human Resources Solutions 

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Planning support

We can provide you with a comprehensive organizational support plan. Individual or large-scale in nature, we will work with you to plan, organize and carry out a dignified exit plan. Whatever your needs dictate, we can supply you with a customized solution. We offer sound counsel in all areas; from providing you with advice on key decisions, to expertise on the logistical and emotional aspects of managing the notifications.  

Job loss notification training for managers

Regardless of the reason, the most delicate task faced by a manager remains the dismissal of an employee. Effectively training managers ensures that employee dismissals are carried out with dignity, respect and professionalism. We can customize job loss notification training that highlights best practices and offers insight into the dismissal process.

Individual programs

We offer a complete line of one-to-one transition (or outplacement) services, customized to suit the needs of individuals’ at all organizational levels. We are committed to delivering personalized service through the use of level appropriate career consultants, workshops, materials and administrative services.

Group programs

We have extensive experience in dealing with groups in transition and can tailor our workshops to fit your needs. Our small group workshops are designed to allow for a balanced mix of group interaction and individual attention, an ideal preparation for conducting an effective job search.

Career centre

An alternate service delivery option is the development of a Career Centre, which can be established either in-house or at an external location. This service is often provided to employees affected by a major downsizing and the Career Centre becomes the central point of delivery for our individual and group career transition (or outplacement) programs.

On-site support

Immediately following the exit meeting, we strongly recommend that one of our career consultants meet the individual to discuss the impact of job loss. This support will help the individual deal with their emotions and also let them know that their career transition services are readily available and that the organization has taken appropriate steps to support them through the career transition process.  

Change management

After dismissal announcements have been made, positions will be abolished and new ones will be created. Employees and their managers must cope with how these changes, large or small, will impact their roles within the organization. As new roles are defined, managers will have to serve as guides through the maze that is the “new” organization. We offer support to managers by providing practical, effective change management strategies.

Retirement planning

Our retirement planning program helps individuals develop a realistic view of retirement, and encourages thoughtful consideration of the lifestyle and financial implications associated with this life change. The program can be offered one-to-one, in workshop format, or as a combination of both.


From day one – whether executive level, management or front-line/technical – departing employees have the assistance of our consultants.

Using a combination of face-to-face, workshops, and Internet-based resources, our programs provide knowledge and skills in key job-search areas:

Coping with change

  1. Dealing with the emotions relating to job loss
  2. Establishing sound career goals
  3. Providing insight into the realities of the new job market
  4. Ensuring that job search activities are in-line with career goals

Personal career focus

  1. Analyzing skills, interests and competencies
  2. Reviewing alternate career options such as entrepreneurship or retirement
  3. Developing a strategic career plan and putting in motion the job search

Effective job search strategies

  1. Training on the skills required to do: market research, networking , responding to advertised positions, recruiter meetings, Internet searches and more
  2. Developing a credible reference guide
  3. Training on different interview and presentation techniques
  4. Training on effective negotiation strategies for fair compensation

Marketing tools

  1. Creating a professional resume, focused on career achievements
  2. Writing effective cover letters and other relevant job search materials