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  Human Resources Solutions 

  for Small Business  


HRDiva will do the work for you so you can focus on your core competencies and build your business.

We offer all the benefits of an in-house Human Resource department including:

  • Cost effective, on-site management of all your human resource activities
  • Reduced overhead due to your human resource needs being supported on a less than full-time basis
  • Over twenty years’ experience in managing Human Resource departments in small to mid-sized organizations
  • Experience in all industries and sectors
  • Superior quality of service by a senior practitioner to your managers and employees
  • Flexible work schedule to accommodate your business needs
  • Access to a senior practitioner when you need, day or night
  • Regular update reports outlining progress.


We are here to support you.

We will tailor our services to meet your needs and requirements.

We work together with your input to design solutions to suit your business, corporate culture, and budget.

Project based human resources work includes but is not limited to:

Offer Letters/Employment Contracts - Review, revise or draft to ensure compliance with BC legislation, company policies & relevant terms and conditions for particular employment category (ie. full time, part time, hourly, salaried, term, regular) – any revised offer template to be reviewed/approved by legal counsel - Ensure all employees/managers have signed, written employment contracts on file - Ensure offers subject to having requisite work permits in place, where applicable - Prepare offer packages (ie. offer letter, summary of benefits, copy of job description, any relevant policies) for all new hires

HR Policies & Employee Manual/Handbook - Review, modify and/or develop HR policies (ie. vacation, overtime, leaves of absence, use of social media, harassment, respectful workplace conduct, confidentiality) and Employee Handbook to ensure compliance with BC Employment Standards, BC Human Rights Code and WorksafeBC legislation, company policies, benefits, workplace practices, health & safety, and other HR policies and practices

Recruitment & Selection - Ensure job descriptions exist for all employees/managers and newly created and posted positions - Review and modify, if necessary, the current hiring practices, including any forms used during the hiring process (ie. application forms, interview questionnaires, reference checks, employment records) - Review sourcing practices, including any referral programs - Review communication process with candidates, new hires and declined candidates to ensure professionalism and best representation of the company’s brand and culture - Prepare hiring checklist.

Ability to assist you in all aspects of your hiring process including, needs analysis, role definition, research, sourcing, assessment evaluation, reference and background checks, to finalizing the employment offer and establishing an on-boarding process that will get your new employee up to speed quickly and efficiently. Prepare new hire packages (ie. tax forms, benefits enrollment forms, employment record, first day/week agendas, policies requiring employee signatures)

Termination & Exiting Practices - Review termination process, including the letters, practices and services used - Prepare termination checklist - Review and/or implement exit interview process

Work Permits/Relocation/Immigration - Liaise with immigration/relocation consultant or lawyer re: LMOs, work permits, cross border work assignments - Determine relocation support provided for new hires or internal transfers - Create system to track work permit expiry dates.

HR Administration/Employee Record Keeping/File Management - Create employee files or review content (ie. resume/CV, interview notes, reference checks, offer letters, work permits, job descriptions, any changes to terms of employment, performance reviews, documented performance/ disciplinary issues) of existing employee files & how access to and confidentiality/security of employee files is maintained - Review and/or develop process & forms used to communicate and track employee changes and absences - Review and/or develop forms used during the hiring process and termination process - Review of any automated HR databases/tracking systems (ie. HRIS) and make recommendations for improvement or potential tools - Ensure necessary work permits in place with tracking process for renewals

Onboarding - Review, modify and/or develop the onboarding process to facilitate employee engagement from day one and to ensure employees are familiar with all workplace/hr policies and practices (ie. they know what is expected of them) - Determine what specific on-the-job training is required in addition to the general onboarding program

Reporting/HR Metrics - Review and/or develop reports and metrics to track employee vacation, leaves of absence, turnover, sick days, promotions, anniversary/service dates, terminations, time to hire, exit feedback, probation period end dates Performance Management & Discipline

- Review and/or develop the performance management process, including any forms and best practices, frequency of reviews, and coaching/training for managers and employees - Review disciplinary process

Employee Communications - Review internal communication processes, including all staff meetings, briefings, employee newsletters, use of intranet, 2 way communication mechanism, feedback systems - Facilitate meetings to get a pulse on how things are going, what needs to be improved or changed - Create mechanism for conflict resolution and interpersonal differences

Employee Relations - Review policy and practices, including discipline letters used - Provide coaching and training for managers on how to discipline, give feedback or conduct those difficult conversations - Provide ongoing employee relations support and consultation on a retainer basis (onsite or oncall)

Recognition, Rewards & Retention Programs - Formal/informal recognition programs and practices - Long service awards, community involvement awards, service excellence awards, shining stars - Health and wellness programs, social programs, community service days/ programs

Training & Development - Review and implementation of employee development plans; may coordinate with performance review process - Develop, source and/or facilitate supervisory skills training – coaching, interviewing, disciplining, motivating, goal setting, giving feedback, having those difficult conversations - Training for all employees on harassment, disciplinary process, violence in the workplace, bullying, sensitivity, cultural diversity - Conduct a needs assessment to determine other knowledge/skills gaps that can be handled thru classroom or on-the-job training, coaching, secondments - Provide coaching for leaders/new supervisors requiring additional support